Anat is a highly skilled and highly qualified therapist. She is very effective, kind, and truly cares about her clients. I am very grateful for her abilities and what they have done for me. She is outstanding at what she does. I fully recommend her.

Anat is a compassionate, sympathetic, insightful therapist who goes above and beyond, as well as a dedicated professional who is clearly experienced at what she does. She has helped me grow and heal a lot. I’ve had a very positive experience, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

I’ve worked with Anat for over a year and, for me, this has been the best therapeutic experience I have had from a total of 7-8 therapists over several decades. The other therapists taught me a lot but I never felt like we were getting to the core issues. Anat gently and compassionately led me the right direction. I now feel I have the focus I need to do the work that will make a real change in my life. I wish I had such quality therapy a long time ago.

Anat has a balanced approach of intellect and subjective intuition. She seems to have extensive training in the field and can tell you a lot about the nature of different psychological maladies. She can speak to you in very intellectual terms about these. But she is not a distant intellectual. She is a very compassionate person who always listens to me carefully. She is very intuitive about what I am experiencing, and she reflects it back to me in concrete terms that I can understand.

Anat really enjoys what she does and cares about my progress. I have never felt like just another client to be shuffled through. But perhaps the most important thing I have experienced with her is a sense of trust and safety. This has helped me to open locked aspects of myself that need to be unlocked.

Thank you Anat. I can’t recommend you more highly. —JG, Cupertino CA

This woman has literally saved my life. She was very quick to figure out what was going on with me. I had unbelievably horrendous anxiety and now, post therapy, I feel like I have a new lease on life. Anat was much more generous with her time than my previous therapists. She responded to my emails as well. I was surprised by her ability to remember things I had said and figure out how they were connected. She introduced me to EMDR, and this method changed how I feel about very difficult experiences I have gone through. It uncovered the source of my anxiety, and when I think about it now I feel like I have wasted too many years and too much energy on being miserable for no good reason. I had my last regular session yesterday. I will come back once in a while for a “tune up” as needed. The one thing you should know – she doesn’t take insurances but I have a PPO through my job so was able to get partially reimbursed. It was totally worth it!

-E.S. Sunnyvale CA